The Paris Film

The Paris Film, photo © anja hitzenberger “The Paris Film” is a visual short story inspired by the work of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar. A woman staying in a friend’s apartment in Paris has a weekly routine: every Tuesday she goes to a photobooth and takes a picture of herself. But then strange things start to happen.

Composed of sensual, dynamic imagery and grooving, tango-influenced music, “The Paris Film” is a playful mystery about dislocation and loss of identity. It’s also a visual exploration of the different ways a person can interact physically with architectural space. Finally, it’s a look at the role photographs as objects once played in our lives, and the interest we have in recording ourselves.

“The Paris Film” was shot on location in Paris using video, super 8 and still photographs. Read more about the film here>>

Barcelona in 48 Hours

Barcelona in 48 Hours, photo © anja hitzenberger “Barcelona in 48 Hours” is a short film by photographer Anja Hitzenberger and composer Edward Ratliff. The film is both an impressionistic portrait of a contemporary dance artist and a meditation on movement of the body, through dancing and traveling.

“Barcelona in 48 Hours” is a film in photographs: its visual material comes almost entirely from black-and-white stills. The visual style is neither like Muybridge nor typical documentary films. Rather, the raw material of hundreds and hundreds of photographs was edited to create a story and dream-like movement, so the viewer almost forgets the film is made from still images.

“Barcelona in 48 Hours” is also a live, multimedia performance starring David Zambrano and Mat Voorter. The show was commissioned by and debuted in New York City at Dance Theater Workshop, and was subsequently performed at ImpulsTanz in Vienna and MODAFE in Seoul.

“[The film “Barcelona in 48 Hours” is] a classic.... these 26 minutes are already now dance film history.” — Arnd Wesemann, Ballettanz Yearbook 2005 special edition on dance film Read more about the film here>>